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I'm Rebecca

Health & Nutrition Coach helping you to transform your relationship with your mind, body, & food!

"Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates 

Let's Get Real...

Some other things you might want to know about me:  I am a big hippie at heart.  I love nature, Jesus and my family. My appreciation for living well is born of the pain I suffered when living an unhealthy life. During my early years,  I mistreated my body and mind horribly. I struggled with emotional eating, body shame, and drug addiction. I became completely powerless over food, yo-yo dieting, and a constant obsession with calorie counting and exercise. Numbing out with drugs and restrictive eating habits protected me from the dread of disappointing people. [ I am recovering people-pleaser]. It also kept me from facing the disappointment I felt about myself. Obsessive thoughts about food, drugs, and exercise consumed my thoughts and my life until I just crashed. There had to be a better way to achieve a healthy life.  


The good news is this,  through the grace of God, the support of my family and friends  I worked my way through that troubling time. I learned to love myself and love my body.  I wouldn’t exchange all the lessons I learned [and continue to learn] for anything.  My past helped direct me to the tools and knowledge I need to help others in their journey. 


Eating clean food, breathing deeply and moving intentionally throughout the day are the centerpiece of my personal health plan.  As a holistic health and nutrition coach, I am passionate about sharing the tools that helped me heal my relationship with my mind, body, and food. No more counting calories or restrictive eating patterns. I was able to break the chain from the constant weighing of my body and food. I learned to embrace my body and learn that I Am Enough! I gained my power back. I work with clients to cultivate these exact habits into their lives. 


With my approach you get ...

More than a weight loss programdigestive support and long-term eating solutions, plus you’ll learn to develop a healthier 

relationship with food. 

More than just a relationship guide - you get support and guidance to find the perfect work-life balance, work towards your goals, and improve your relationships with yourself, your friends, and your family.

More than just a wellness program - you get a complete overhaul of mind, body, spirit, relationships, and career. 


Through my studies and proven successful programs, I have learned it is not just about food and exercise. Yes, both are important,  but your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being all matter too! My mission is to help women go from feeling powerless over food to turning your health around from emotional eating, sugar cravings, and a shameful body image to building a loving and sustainable relationship with your mind, body, and food so you can live a life full of energy, clarity, and self-love!

So, whether you are looking to stop the constant dieting, cease the emotional eating, or need to get on track with healthy living and need encouragement to stay there, I can help. Let's live healthy and whole, TOGETHER!

Faithfully Rooted,



Discover how I transformed my relationship with my mind,body, & food 



- Bachelors of Science in Public Health

- Board Certified International Health Coach, CIHC

- Certified Holistic Health Coach, Integrated Institute of Nutrition

- Certified Nutrition Coach, Nutritious Life Nutrition School

- Certified Fitness Trainer

© Faithfully Rooted, 2019

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