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What is different?

The What:

Faithfully Rooted Weight Loss Solution uses the TLS weight loss system. “TLS” stands for transitions lifestyles systems.  TLS Weight Loss Solution encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification, supplementation and body composition, offering extensive plans that cover everything you''ll need to get healthy.

Why Low-GI Eating?

The Why:

This program will create sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle as well as a blueprint for 21 days and beyond. This food plan removes foods that may cause an immune response. It is anti-inflammatory, works to keep your blood sugars stable and curb cravings. It supports brain and gut health, as well as the body’s detoxification processes. This program does not entail counting calories or weighing food. It is encouraged to keep a daily food log as your body reprograms itself and your hunger/satiety cues. You will build trust with your body – no longer will you feel like separate entities.

A Plan to Support You!

The How:

Whatever your goal, a quick 7 day reset, 14 day weight loss, or 21 day lifestyle solution, I have a customizable plan for you! I will provide support and inspiration every step of the way through calls, journals, coaching, recipes, Facebook group, and with love!

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The Let's do the darn thing!

There are multiple ways in which we can work together! Whether you prefer one-on-one coaching,  participating in group classes, a self-guided program, or just want to attend a workshop? Together we can develop a plan to achieve your individual health and wellness goals!

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